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The Role of User-Centered Design in e-Gov and the Federal Enterprise Architecture

The Universal Access Expedition Collaboration Workshop, October 28th, 2003, provided a forum for case studies and guidelines related to usability. Below is the set of presentation PDF files. Please visit the Workshop's web site for information about upcoming sessions, and many excellent presentations and demonstrations of emerging techniques and technologies from the last three years.

  • The day's agenda

  • Degler: Setting Context
  • Redish: Introducing Usability and User-Centered Design
  • Pearson/Wolz: Internet Strategic Planning at USDA’s Economic Research Service
  • Drummond/McDaniel: Providing Your Users With An Effective Search Page – a Case Study
  • Wheeler/Battle: Design and Prototyping … Art and Science …
  • Brown/Biezunski: IRS Tax Map
  • Burton: Performance Measures: Target End-User Success
  • Theofanos: Making Web Sites Work For Users: Revising the Portal of the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Degler: How an Enterprise-Wide Topic Map can Promote Vocabulary Reusability
  • Wheeler/Hoffman: Standards for Increasing Software Design and Reusability
  • Koyani: Usability Resources for E-Government
  • Morse: ANSI/INCITS 354: Common Industry Format for Usability Test Reports
  • Presenter bios

A great deal of thanks and appreciation to Susan Turnbull, Office of Intergovernmental Solutions, GSA, for encouraging and hosting this workshop, and for creating and running the workshop series.


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