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"Eventful" - Performance-Centered Event Management Application
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Attributes   4

Performance Attributes

1. Supports performers through best practice processes

  • Performing rapid ad hoc look-ups of information is supported by consistent navigation aids that are always available.
  • Automated data checking improves the consistency of data input.
  • Hints and tips embedded in the interface remind performers of best practices.

2. Establishes, or aids in establishing, goals

  • The work is structured by main business activities and processes. This supports basic task completion, and also allows performers to quickly respond to people’s needs for information based on the nature of the enquiry and where the company is in the event management cycle.
  • Management "fingertip stats" reporting highlights areas for further attention and allows timely intervention in critical performance areas.
  • Data snapshots on the input screens aid in knowing how close the performer is to completion for an individual person’s records.

    Goals for completion

3. Minimizes terminology translation or interpretation

  • Domain-specific language (such as descriptions of art – medium, period, etc.) is checked based on existing input data – so the vocabulary grows and evolves with the business.
  • Labeling and descriptions match the language of the event-based business, and keep navigation and input instructions simple.
  • Where appropriate, field labels are held as variables, allowing them to be specified for each event. This way, views seen by performers (and temps particularly) are relevant to event vocabulary being used (such as in advertising).

    Context-specific language

4. Provides access to supporting and learning resources

  • Support resources are provided primarily within the interface, though additional access (for such things as policy) is provided through buttons if necessary – this is expected to grow based on the experiences of the business in real-world situations.

5. Focuses on task(s), processes, and the natural flow of work

  • Processes and tasks are clearly illustrated and linked.
  • Major application areas are based on the way work is "batched" because of the calendar-dependent nature of event business.

6. Stretches the PCD/EPSS paradigm

  • "Eventful" is a comprehensively designed application – PCD principles have been inherent in the design approach from the beginning. Performance support and task completion are intrinsic.


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"Eventful" - Performance-Centered Event Management Application

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