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Knowledge Management: the Human Perspective

The more the public and professional media talk about the "knowledge revolution", the more difficult it seems to be for people within organizations to decide whether the subject is relevant to them, to define knowledge in their own context, and to find ways to support the "knowledge" worker.

It seems obvious that providing "knowledge" to workers is a good thing. But what does it mean? Which knowledge, and how much of it, is appropriate for organizational performance? Who decides?

This seminar helps people explore the questions:

  • Who should be involved in knowledge development and maintenance?
  • What is the role of HR and training in relation to organizational knowledge?
  • How can you manage the effort and expense?
  • How can you help the organization "think big, start small" in order to achieve success?

If these questions aren’t asked, the management of organizational knowledge bases could well end up as a technical discipline within the computing/IT function.

The seminar looks at the difference between knowledge, information and data, and explores the challenges of managing knowledge resources. It includes a discussion of the management implications of creating and maintaining a ‘knowledge base’.

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