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What is Information Management?

With the onset of the "information age" and the increase in the apparent value of information to organizations, it is surprising that the management of information critical to success is often delegated to technical or archival functions of the organization.

The seminar is designed as a simple, clear introduction to help executives become more aware of the responsibilities surrounding the organizational management of information and for every level of the organization to recognize their role and the skills required to improve the quality of information available.

The subject of Information Management (IM) as an executive and management discipline is introduced, defining the arenas of organizational performance which are directly involved. The topics include:

  • Informal or Formal Information Management?
  • The Complexity of Information Demand
  • Fragmented Information Supply
  • Identifying Information Management Costs
  • Strategy for Improvement

What is the Cost of Information?

Participants are asked to answer the question "Do you feel the hidden cost of managing information is greater than the annual expenditure on IT? If so, is it as much as $5 for every $1 of IT?

Everyone knows that Information Management costs exceed an annual IT budget, but that this cost rarely shows up on any Balance Sheet. What is the cost of the effort to make best use of IT, not including the cost of other methods of getting required information?

The implications of identifying and possibly reducing this hidden cost in most organizations is significant. This seminar begins to define those hidden costs and the mechanisms for addressing them.

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