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The Relationship Between Distance Learning, CBT and EPSS - Common Checklists

Increasingly, trainers and managers are faced with needing to become project leaders for a wide range of ‘products’ to support continuous learning within the workplace. Every technique, from distance learning workbooks and computer-based or web-based training through online reference systems and performance support tools, has its own design characteristics and ‘best practice’.

So how can you be sure that different forms of on-demand multimedia and training materials will work together? How can you reuse existing content as a component of new performance support tools, particularly if the content needs to be ‘chunked’ into smaller, context-sensitive pieces to be embedded in desktop applications? How can you reduce the cost and time of translating the content from one format to another, and retain the effectiveness of the messages?

This talk focuses on:

  • Identifying the relationship between the design attributes of various multimedia techniques
  • Defining a checklist of common design and technical attributes which will help to create more ‘future-proof’ products

Along with presentation of examples, exercises (using common toys and visual images appropriate to a diverse and even multi-lingual audience) will illustrate common pitfalls and help attendees start to build a checklist which is appropriate to their organization.

Full presentation slides available.

Copyright, Reuse and Citation

This presentation is copyright Duane Degler 1999, all rights reserved. The content or images may be reused for private, non-commercial purposes only (i.e. don't sell it or directly make money from it) without written consent. Also, I would appreciate your notifying me if you intend to use these concepts or images, as I am curious to know where they prove valuable.

To cite the material, please include the following information. I recommend the format: 

Degler, Duane (1999). The Relationship Between Distance Learning, CBT and EPSS - Common Checklists. Performance Support 1999, part of the Online Learning Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Online: www.ipgems.com/present/dd_epss-elearning_ps1999.pdf.

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