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What is IPGems?

IPGems explores the integration of concepts from various professional disciplines in the fields of user-centered system design, information and knowledge management, semantic integration, and performance improvement. You will find information and examples that describe:

  • The design of computer systems and user interfaces that are easy to use and help people do what they want to do more effectively
  • Supporting people's ability to use and share their knowledge for greater benefit to themselves and organizations

Why is this integration more relevant every day?

It's important to apply the best practices of many disciplines to effectively support users:

  • Allow transactional applications and information resources to integrate tightly, in order to improve the overall user experience
  • Make sure that people become productive quickly and easily with your application, when it may be just one of dozens they use every day
  • Reduce the feelings of overload that people have in their relationships with technology and information

It's also important to integrate the way we approach projects:

  • Recognize and build on the cross-disciplinary methods from usability, information architecture, knowledge representation, enterprise architecture, etc.
  • Integrate proven analysis/design methods into large and small project management approaches (such as waterfall, UML or Agile)
  • Take advantage of new web-based services and technical facilities, including techniques from Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web

Want to know more?

IPGems is a collection of publications written by Duane Degler and colleagues over the years. Please feel free to contact us with questions or ideas.

Consulting services for interaction design, usability, semantics, and content management are provided by Design for Context.

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